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Bi color Mould

Overmolding Handle Grip Bi Color mold

Place of Origin: China
Brand    Name: OEM
Certification:         ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Model Number: Hand Grip,hold,knob,shank Mould 
Payment & Shipping Terms: T/T EXW/CIF/FOB/DDU
Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Set
Price:                                Discussion
Packaging Details:                Artificial Wooden box
Delivery Time:                        4-5 weeks after mould 3D approved
Payment Terms:                T/T
Capacity:                                45 sets per month
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    KYE Mould Technology Limited is a large scaled Chinese injection tool manufacturer with full experience on creating durable, high-quality molds and products.  Our cutting-edge injection molding process and die casting techniques achived us stand out in a crowded market.

    We Customized efficient Bi-mould solutions with excelent process for the complex struction components.  Our Bi-color molds are with world-class quality and meet DME/HASCO standard

    KYE handle grip  bi-color  mold, precision-engineered by KYE‘s expert team with state-of-the-art technology.  Perfect to inject with two different colors or materials into the same mold cavity at distinct areas of the  handle grip sequentially. KYE handle grip  bi-color  molds are widely used in the production of consumer products, automotive components, and various other applications.

    KYE bi-color handle grip molding process enhanced the product aesthetics.  Handle grip manufactured by KYE mold with attractive two-tone or multi-color finishes without the need for additional painting or assembly steps.  It‘s helpful for saving time and costs in production for our customers efficiently.

    We create complex, intricate parts with unparalleled accuracy , evern though Bi-color mold design and production process are more intricate than traditional single-color cap molds. KYE own full range high-tech machining equipments and engineer expert team.  We have capacity and rich experience on molding for the complex mold struction and specialized process.

    1.Mould standard


    2.Mould type

    2 plate-mould

    3.Mould base steel


    4.A/B plate steel


    5.Core/Caviry steel


    6.Runner type

    Cold runner

    7.Gate type

    Edge gate

    8.Cycle time


    9.Design software

    CAD, UG, Proe


    1 set

    11.Payment term



    Artificial wooden box

    13.Deliverly date

    5 Weeks

    14.Mould number

    According to customer requirement

    15.Mould life 

    1 million shots

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