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Baby care product

Injection mold for Multi-functional Baby Feeding Bottle Drying Rack Nipple Milk Bottle Shelf

Place of Origin: China
Brand    Name: OEM
Certification:         ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Model Number: Multi-functional Detachable Baby Feeding Bottle Drying Rack Nipple Milk Bottle Shelf
Shipping Terms:       T/T EXW
Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Set
Price:                                Discussion
Packaging Details:                Artificial Wooden box
Delivery Time:                        4-5 weeks after mould 3D approved
Payment Terms:                T/T
Capacity:                                45 sets per month
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    KYE Mould Technology Limited is a good quality Chinese injection tool manufacturer, Specifilized in Molding for Baby Chair Dinner Plate Tray with DME/HASCO standard. offering competitive price and one-stop service including mould design, manufacturing. 

    KYE precision Mold for baby feeding bottle drying rack, precision-engineered by KYE‘s expert team specially with state-of-the-art technology and safty material.

    Design and Prototyping: Begin by creating a detailed design of the baby feeding bottle drying rack, including the nipple and milk bottle shelf components.

    Selecting the Mold Material: KYE strict select the  suitable material with safe and non-toxic for the babycare mold to ensure it meet the grade of FCM (Food Contact Material).   Also make sure the material quality is good enough to guarantee the  durability of the final product.

    Mold Manufacturing: KYE experienced technicians manufacture the mold using precision machining methods such as CNC milling and electrical discharge machining (EDM) to ensure accuracy and consistency.

    Mold Inserts and Cavities: KYE experts design the mold with appropriate precision  inserts and cavities to create the required features for the nipple and milk bottle shelf components.

    Surface Treatment:  The surfaces of the mold that come into direct contact with the plastic material, be machined or poshing by KYE worker with heart to achieve a smooth finish and enhance the release properties.

    Quality Control: KYE QC team thoroughly inspect the molded parts for any defects or imperfections strictly.    Check the dimensions and conduct necessary tests to ensure the products meet safety and quality standards.

    Sample approval: KYE will send T1, T2 or T3 samples till meeting your satisfaction.

    Assembly and mass Production also can be done under our one roof if our customers place product order to us directly.

    As with any KYE babycare product, safety is of utmost importance. It‘s crucial to work with experienced professionals KYE Mould who understand safety regulations and adhere to industry standards. Strict QC system applied in KYE manufacturing process,  comply with relevant safety standards and regulations in the target market where the product will be sold.   It will help ensure the final product is safe and reliable for use with baby feeding bottles.

    1.Mould standard


    2.Mould type

    2 plate-mould

    3.Mould base steel


    4.A/B plate steel


    5.Core/Caviry steel


    6.Runner type

    Hot runner

    7.Gate type

    Hot drop

    8.Cycle time


    9.Design software

    CAD, UG, Proe


    1 set

    11.Payment term



    Artificial wooden box

    13.Deliverly date

    4 Weeks

    14.Mould number

    According to customer requirement

    15.Mould life 

    1 million shots

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