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Baby care product

Babycare Chair Table tray Plastic mold

Place of Origin: China
Brand    Name: OEM
Certification:         ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Model Number: Plastic Baby Chair Table 
Payment & Shipping Terms: T/T EXW
Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Set
Price:                                Discussion
Packaging Details:                Artificial Wooden box
Delivery Time:                        4-5 weeks after mould 3D approved
Payment Terms:                T/T
Capacity:                                45 sets per month
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    KYE mould is a comprehensive injection mold and die-casting partner that is flexible, experienced, competent and solution-oriented.
    We have full experience on plastic Baby care injection molds for more than 10 years.

    KYE babycare chair table tray injection mold are are precision-engineered with the highest quality standards.      It applied in the injection molding process to manufacture plastic baby chairs with an integrated table or tray.       These baby chairs are designed to provide a safe and convenient seating solution for kids during mealtime or playtime.

    KYE babycare chair table tray injection molds, which is with high precision and smooth surface base on safty.

    Design: KYE expert team will assist the design creating of the babycare chair table tray according to the desired specifications and requirements.   The design includes determining the size and shape of the babycare chair table tray and position, safety features, and any additional element.

    Mold Making: Once the design is finalized approval, KYE handle the molding work wtih our experience workers , made with high-quality steel or aluminum , and is machined or formed to match the desired shape and contours bases on the precision design.

    T1, T2 even though T3 samples will be provide for approval after necessary trimming and finishing to meet the smooth surface quality.

    KYE mould team work closely with companies in the baby product industry to ensure the babycare chair table plastic molds meet safety standards and reliable baby chairs that comply with safety standards and regulations. The babycare product output by KYE mould are ergonomic, easy to clean, and provide a comfortable and secure seating experience for infants and toddlers.

    1.Mould standard


    2.Mould type

    2 plate-mould

    3.Mould base steel


    4.A/B plate steel


    5.Core/Caviry steel


    6.Runner type

    Cold runner

    7.Gate type


    8.Cycle time


    9.Design software

    CAD, UG, Proe


    1 set

    11.Payment term



    Artificial wooden box

    13.Deliverly date

    4 Weeks

    14.Mould number

    According to customer requirement

    15.Mould life 

    0.5 million shots

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