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Electronic mould

Electronic Product Shell injection mold

Place of Origin:    China
Brand    Name:     OEM
Certification:             ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Model Number:     Electronic Product Shell
Payment & Shipping Terms: T/T EXW/CIF/FOB/DDU
Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Set
Price:                      Discussion
Packaging Details:      Artificial Wooden box
Delivery Time:              4-5 weeks after mould 3D approved
Payment Terms:         T/T
Capacity:                       30-40 sets per month
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    KYE Mould Technology Limited is a large scaled Chinese injection tool manufacturer with full experience on creating durable, high-quality molds and products.    Our excellent engineered and experienced technical support to take your idea to be reality under one roof from mold design, prototype-making,Mold-flow analysis, molding to plastic part and die-casting parts producing.    Electronic plastic injection molding is one range of our main business.

    The electrical product shell, also known as the housing or casing, serves as the protective cover for the internal electronic components and provides the overall structure and appearance of the electrical products.  KYE have the full capacity to create molds with  complex shapes, precise dimensions, and consistent quality for electrical product shell.

    Precision-engineered:KYE enclosure cover injection mold, precision-engineered by KYE‘s expert team with state-of-the-art technology. Electrical product shells by KYE mould is with high precision, good safty, and efficiently. Our electrical product shell injection molds are with first-level quality and meet DME/HASCO standard.

    Prototyping: For ensure that the design adheres to safety guidelines for related product industry.  KYE provide 3D printed prototype if neccessary.

    Strict QC system: Quality Assurance is the key to success for KYE Moulds, high-quality/defect free products is the reason KYE enjoys repeat business from our list of satisfied customers.    Our quality control lab is equipped with optical Coordinate-Measuring Machine(CMM), projector, Vickers/Rockwell hardness tester, salt spray tester,etc.   Furthermore we have strict quality control process and related examination and testing stardards.

    Trial running: While finish the mold assembly, KYE will arrange trial runner and provide T1, T2 or T3 samples till meeting your satisfaction.

    Trimming and Finishing: KYE Experienced worker will trimmed off  any excess plastic (known as flash after ejection,  undergo further finishing processes for electrical product shells, such as adding mounting features, surface smoothing, or adding logos or labels.

    Mass Production:  Mass Production and Assembly also can be done under our one roof if our customers place product order to us directly.

    Electrical product shell injection molds are widely used in the electronics industry to produce high-quality and visually appealing enclosures for various electrical products, such as electronic devices, appliances, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment.    Therefore, It‘s so important to work with a specialized mold makers who have the expertise to design and produce molds.   KYE mould just meet all your requirements.    These molds output by KYE, are safty, good aesthetics, durable and reliable.

    1.Mould standard


    2.Mould type

    2 plate-mould

    3.Mould base steel


    4.A/B plate steel


    5.Core/Caviry steel


    6.Runner type

    Cold runner

    7.Gate type

    Sub gate

    8.Cycle time


    9.Design software

    CAD, UG, Proe


    1 set

    11.Payment term



    Artificial wooden box

    13.Deliverly date

    5 Weeks

    14.Mould number

    According to customer requirement

    15.Mould life 

    0.5 million shots

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