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Bi color Mould

Over-moulding Phone Case injection tool

Place of Origin: China
Brand    Name: OEM
Certification:         ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Model Number: Over-moulding Phone Case
Payment & Shipping Terms:  T/T EXW/CIF/FOB/DDU
Minimum Order Quantity:      1 Set
Price:                                Discussion
Packaging Details:                Artificial Wooden box
Delivery Time:                        4-5 weeks after mould 3D approved
Payment Terms:                T/T
Capacity:                                45 sets per month
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    KYE Mould Technology Limited is a large scaled Chinese injection tool manufacturer with full experience on creating durable, high-quality molds and products.  Our cutting-edge injection molding process and die casting techniques achived us stand out in a crowded market.

    Precision-engineered: KYE Bi-Color injection mold, KYE Over-moulding Phone Case mold, precision-engineered by KYE‘s expert team with state-of-the-art technology.KYE expert team customized it with excelent process for the complex struction components.Our Overmoulding injection Phone Case molds are with world-class quality and meet DME/HASCO standard.

    Exquisited Process:  KYE use our superior over-moulding process to molded a softer high quality material  (often rubber or silicone) over another rigid material (typically plastic) to create a single, unified  attractive  two-tone or multi-color finishes phone case.also increase the additional protection and grip for the finish product.

    Strict QC system: KYE qc team will strict control the prouct quality,Trimming and finishing to remove any excess material and achieve the final desired appearance.

    Trial running: While finish the mold assembly, KYE will arrange trial runner and provide T1, T2 or T3 samples till meeting your satisfaction.

    Mass Production: Mass Production and Assembly also can be done under our one roof if our customers place product order to us directly.

    KYE Over-moulding process enhanced phone case with enhanced functionality, aesthetics, and durability.  enhanced phone manufactured by KYE over mold with attractive two-tone or multi-color finishes without the need for additional painting or assembly steps.   It‘s helpful for saving time and costs in production for our customers efficiently.

    1.Mould standard


    2.Mould type

    2 plate-mould

    3.Mould base steel


    4.A/B plate steel


    5.Core/Caviry steel


    6.Runner type

    Cold runner

    7.Gate type

    Edge gate

    8.Cycle time


    9.Design software

    CAD, UG, Proe


    1 set

    11.Payment term



    Artificial wooden box

    13.Deliverly date

    5 Weeks

    14.Mould number

    According to customer requirement

    15.Mould life 

    0.5 million shots

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